The Function of Gender Studies in Society

The issue of gender equality is certainly the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about the Gender Studies Postgraduate Program. However, did you know that gender study programs don’t just discuss one aspect, you know! This event also discusses spirituality, gender sensitivity, body discourse, and sexuality. Instead of being curious, let’s say hello to gender studies!

What is Gender Studies?
Gender studies or gender studies are rooted in sociology which will then be summarized from the perspectives of anthropology, psychology and economics. This discourse originated from scientific studies conducted by feminists in the 1960s. Meanwhile, in the world of education, gender studies first appeared at Cornell University, United States, in 1969.

In Indonesia, there are many Gender Studies Postgraduate Programs available at various universities. However, if Campuspedia friends want a little peek into gender studies, you can join the sociology department. The department will discuss the sociology of gender and explore gender discourse.

What is Included in Gender Studies?
As the name suggests, gender studies will discuss feminism and social construction. Feminism itself is an ideology that eliminates patriarchy (an ideology where men are superior to women). Feminism is closely related to the agenda of eliminating social constructions that have been built for a long time, such as household work which is only assigned to women.

In the gender studies program, you will learn bo slot gacor about many feminist paradigms that you can apply in your environment.

The Function of Gender Studies in Society
Entering the 21st century, cases of gender inequality are still widespread in Indonesia. Starting from sexism, where many people require women to stay at home, to gender-based sexual violence. Starting from these problems, gender studies functions as a science that guides social communities to understand gender.

Future Needs
Gender studies have emerged since the 1960s and in fact there are still many people who are blind to this knowledge. Like other knowledge needed in the future, gender studies are useful for building a just society among many parties. Fight for women’s rights and remove the burden of masculinity on men.

Universities with Gender Studies in Indonesia
There are various state universities that present gender studies in their postgraduate programs, including:

University of Indonesia with Postgraduate Program in Gender Studies
Brawijaya University with a Masters Program in Women’s Studies (PMKP)
Gadjah Mada University with a Gender Studies Postgraduate Program
UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta with Masters in Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies with a Concentration in Islamic and Gender Studies (IKG)
Hasanudin University with a Postgraduate Program in Gender and Development Studies

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